Meet your Tla'amin Settlement Team

DARYN LEAS, Guardian

Daryn is a lawyer who has represented Indigenous groups and organizations in western and northern Canada over the past 25 years.  He worked with the Tla’amin Nation with respect to the development and implementation of the Qamɛs ʔəms tala Tla’amin Settlement Trust (the “Trust”) and, at present, he works with the Trustees as the Guardian of the Trust.

After completing a Bachelor of Arts (Political Science) at the University of British Columbia in 1990, he graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Toronto in 1993.  His law practice has focused in the areas of constitutional, environmental and trust law with a specialization in First Nation.

He is a citizen of the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in in the Yukon and a member of the Crow clan.  Daryn lives in North Vancouver.

ANN PAUL - Trustee, Secretary

My Tla’amin name is qaqʔet

My English name is Ann Paul and I am honoured to serve as one of the Trustees for the Qamɛs ʔəms tala Settlement Trust.  I am from Tla’amin Nation and live on Nation lands.

My interests include personal fitness, gardening, cooking, reading, paddling with my canoe family, enjoying our traditional songs, dances, practicing ʔayʔajuthəm, and learning how the language is written in orthography.

Being a trustee has been rewarding work and I have enjoyed working with such a great group of fellow trustees.  As was the vision of many late Elders, the investments secured through our treaty continue to grow in wealth for future generations. At the same time we have assisted many citizens who have applied for a grant, build or expand their businesses through the Economic Development fund.

I am excited to be serving my second four-year term and look forward to continuing to exercise the responsibilities and duties as a trustee for the Qamɛs ʔəms tala Settlement Trust and to the citizens of Tla’amin.



I am the third born of six children. I was born in Prince Rupert and moved with the family in 1972 to Powell River B.C. as father applied for a job at Macmillan Bloedel company and was accepted because of his trade skills. My last name is German as my father immigrated to Canada from Germany in 1951. The Government of Canada was short of trades people and paid for my father’s way over as long as he paid it back as the culture he came from is work oriented and paternal. He embraced Canada as his new home and did the best he could raising his family, my father started his afterlife journey January 2017, bless his soul.

My Mother Mary Louise was Born in Boston Bar and a member of the Chehalis Indian band. She was removed or transferred to residential school as a young girl, she was a student at residential school until she graduated grade 12. Mother loved all around her and gave her all, to devoting  herself to her family. My mother has by word of mouth told me that we have relations in Tla’amin Nation, the points and birds, mothers uncle is well known Vince Stogan of Musquem nation. My mother began her afterlife journey June 2014, bless her soul.

In 1984 I applied and received status by way of Bill C-31, I went to the Sliammon first nation office and requested to transfer, because I grew up in Powell River and had many friends I went to school with from Sliammon, I was warmly welcomed into the Sliammon Nation, which I’m thankful.

I was voted in and was a chairperson for the health board for a years term.

I became a Trustee for the Nation by appointment to the position by our Guardian Daryn Leas. I have taken the required Trustee Course for this position. I currently have 45 university credits toward my B/A  with a focus on Aboriginal Studies, Criminology, History.

Our monies must be held in a safe place to be invested, looked after, and distributed wisely, this is important for future children, grandchildren, that there are monies to access.

The trustees are doing this and were off to a great start, look at our quarterly income we have made money over the years, by making the right decisions being frugal and cautious.

I enjoy and love the area we call home; the water is fresh, and the air is clean.  I enjoy my motor bikes, pedal bikes, and being in our beautiful outdoors. I’m near retirement and there is no other place to be.

I have a couple of cats named Merlin and Raven that I adopted to keep me company during this covid19 times.

I have a current Bond (security licence), I have worked 23 years as a ATM Technician, this involves handling large amounts of cash, balancing the ATM transfers of cash between ATM and Banks.

I proud to say that during the 23 years being a ATM tech, not one penny went missing, all accounted for.

I close to retirement from B.C. ferries, worked catering, deck, and engineering, been busy most of my life learning trades and non trades areas.

For nearly 30 years I have been the owner/operate of a  process serving company. Many know me as a process server.


I was raised in the place that I still call home, the Tla’amin Nation located on the Sunshine Coast. I have been a proud trustee of the Qamɛs ʔəms tala settlement Trust for more than 3 years, growing and learning alongside many gifted people.

Since moving to Vancouver Island, I have been lucky enough to plant my roots on the traditional territories of the Snuneymuxw First Nation with my beautiful little family. I spend most of my time nurturing my relationship with my son and establishing my career with the Nanaimo Aboriginal Centre, serving the urban indigenous community as the Housing Administrator.

KRISTI THIELE - Trustee, Treasurer

I have lived most of my life in Victoria, but remain connected to our village and family. It is an honor to work with the other Trustees, and build something for the future generations to have and use.

My career has been in the accounting and payroll sectors for 20+ years. I am married with 2 children, and am blessed to live in our part of the world. Hobbies include: reading, traveling, and hanging out with the kids.


My name is Alisha Point and my ancestral ties to Tla’amin Nation are through my mother Arlene Point, and Grandparents Doreen and Alex Point. My Great-Grandparent were Elizabeth and Jimmy Harry. I grew up mostly in Vancouver, visiting Tla’amin during many long weekends and longer school breaks. I now have lived here for over 20 years. This is where my son Landyn, step-daughter Alyssa, my spouse Cliff and I call home.

Aside from being a Trustee, I am also the Indigenous Students Support Worker at Brooks Secondary and I own my own business: Ah-Yes Pressure Washing.

In my spare time I enjoy walking, sketching, painting, being out on the ocean or in the forest, camping, and road trips with my family.

My journey as a Trustee began as a youth member of the Constitution Working Group, around 2004. This is where I learned the details of the constitution and treaty package that would be voted on, if the constitution was adopted. I then worked as an Enrolment Officer, responsible for reaching out to Sliammon (now Tla’amin) band members to share information about the constitution and treaty and assist them in enrolling to vote. This journey connected me with many on and off-reserve members, all who had one thing in common: a love for Tla’amin Nation.

Today I work with an amazing group of Trustees and our Guardian. I am proud to have duties where the past, present and future are all equally important.

When it comes to the success and health of our nation:

payɛʔot kʷums qʷayɛgən – We are of one mind.