Economic Development Grant Applications

What is the Economic Development Fund?

The Economic Development Fund is a separate investment fund allocated within the Qamɛs ʔəms tala Settlement Trust. Its main objective is to allow for the pursuit and generation of economic opportunities for the Tla’amin Nation entities, programs and services and its citizens. These funds are intended to be spent on growing our economic base. The Trustees are responsible to administer the application process for the beneficiaries of the Tla’amin Nation.

Who can apply?

Tla’amin Citizens can apply for grants to start or grow an existing business, or create projects and services that benefit the Nation. Tla’amin Nation citizens, groups of citizens and Administration Programs are eligible to submit applications. You must be in good standing with the Nation to apply.

Grant application documents may be downloaded here:

  • March 2024 Grant Application Form [PDF]
  • March 2024 Grant Application Handbook [PDF]
  • March 2024 Good Standing Letter [PDF]
Application deadline

Spring 2024 application intake dates are April 8 to April 19. The deadline for applications is Friday, April 19, 2024 at 4:30pm.

Resources to assist new business start-ups

Help with your application

Emma Morgan-Thorp, Skills and Training Coordinator Tla’amin Nation, is available to assist with your business plans and applications to the Trust. You may contact her at:

Helpful resources:



A group of professional volunteers are piloting Enterprise Facilitation in qathet to support local businesses and strengthen the local economy. Enterprise Facilitation has been dramatically successful in all parts of the world including Canada, Africa, remote Australian communities, and some of the most economically challenged counties in the United States.

  • View and/or download the program information document here.