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Statements of Investment Policies & Procedures (SIPP)

Capital Transfer Fund – This Fund is intended to be preserved and maintained in perpetuity for the future benefit of the Tla’amin Nation.  

  • Every 10 years, the Trustees may disburse a maximum of 10% of the indexed value of the Capital
  • Intent is for the funds to last
  • A maximum of 10% may be disbursed in 4 years
  • Download the document: SIPP – Capital Transfer Fund [PDF]


Economic Development Fund – The purpose of the Economic Development Fund is to allow for the pursuit and generation of economic opportunities for the Tla’amin Citizens.

  • Intention is to spend all the money
  • There is no deadline to spend the money
  • No disbursement limitations as with the Capital Disbursements in Section 7.1
  • Proposed policy: to put a cap on the amount disbursed each year to ensure the funds last at least 15 years
  • Download the document: SIPP – Economic Development Fund [PDF] 

Tla'amin Settlement Trust Quarterly Statements